Stiglmeier Park

When hiking, always wear a long-sleeved shirt. It gives you something to wipe your nose on.
Losson Park, Cheektowaga NY

Aspen Grove Trail

July, 1999 — I’ve traded my daypack for a diaper bag, as Max goes for his first nature walk!  Gone are my lofty ideals of hitting tough wilderness trails with a baby in tow — strollers can’t go there, and carrying Max in his front carrier is hard work when going up and down hills (he could fall  out if I lean forward!)

I chose Stiglmeier Park for his first outing (10 weeks old) because 1. it’s very close, 2. the trails are short and well suited for strollers, 3. it’s a very beautiful and well-maintained park.

The first trail I went on was the Aspen Grove Trail. This trail is great for strollers, as a boardwalk covers part of it and the rest consists of crushed stone.

The Loop is a very short section of the Aspen Grove Trail. This bench was convenient for nursing Max. He was in his front-carrier, so no one even knew what we were doing!

Woodcock Walk is another trail leading off Aspen Grove.  I didn’t see a woodcock (what does one look like, anyway?) Max and I were lucky to come across some deer munching their lunch in the woods very close to the path.

We probably wouldn’t have seen the deer if Sadie had accompanied us on our walk. Alas for Sadie, no dogs are allowed in the park! (We found that out last week when the park police kicked us out!)

I had noticed the two young fawn only. When some noisy walkers came along and scared them off, I noticed the mother deer was off to the side. She had been watching me warily. She ran off too quickly for me to snap a photo.

Stiglmeier Park is located on 500 Losson Road in Cheektowaga. It contains 308 acres of grounds, including nature trails and sports fields. Guided nature tours are offered. Stiglmeier Park Community Center: (716) 656-2280

Photos by Jennifer Weir, 7/99

Losson Park – aka Stiglmeier Park
810 Losson Road
Cheektowaga, NY 14227
716 897-7207 
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The Loop
deer at Stiglmeier Park
ducks at Stiglmeier Park
Max and Maggie hiking in Stiglmeier Park

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