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Sugartown, New York, October 1997

Pumpkinville is a festival that occurs in Sugartown in Western New York every year for the full month of October. In October 1997, after seeing a news special about it, I begged Karl to take me there. He was reluctant, but I appeased him by promising him a hike in the nearby¬†Allegany State Park. (Note – Allegany has great campgrounds also if you’re visiting Cattaraugus County.)

Along with mountains of pumpkins and other vegetables for sale, Pumpkinville had many small booths with crafts and homemade goodies to eat. (Besides a pumpkin, we also bought a jar of strawberry butter and a bottle of garlic & sun-dried tomato oil.)

Mainly, it’s an exciting outing for kids. They can play in the corn maze, pet the farm animals at a petting zoo, and pick out their very own pumpkin!

Sadie was actually the highlight of the fair. We should have charged per pat, as so many children oohed and aahed over her.

Directions to Pumpkinville — Unfortunately, we could not find Sugartown on our New York State map. Here are some general directions to help. Pumpkinville is just south of Ellicottville, NY (home of Holiday Valley ski resort). There are usually signs off the main drag by the elementary school leading you back to it. It will be on your left just after you pass the elementary school in Ellicottville.

This year (2001), we are going to also take our two children, Max (age 2) and Maggie (age 5 months) to The Great Pumpkin Farm Fall Festival in Clarence (Erie County) NY. For more information about The Great Pumpkin Farm, call 1-800-343-5399.

4844 Sugartown Rd
Great Valley, NY 14741

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Karl Weir and Sadie at Pumpkinville

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