Little Rock City is one of several “rock cities” in Cattaraugus County. They are huge conglomerate beds of rock with narrow passages and caves between. .

The thing that struck me most about Little Rock City is that from the road and parking lot, the rocks weren’t readily visible. After walking a few feet, however, I noticed a “crack” in the moss-covered ground. Looking down, I realized I was standing on a massive flat-topped boulder! Descending from that point, we found ourselves in the “city”.


From U.S route 219: turn onto Hungry Hollow road (near Green Gables Villiage), take all the way to the top of the hill and make a left (road is unmarked and has a yellow swing gate near it). Take the road all the way to the end.

Thanks to my husband Karl for generating a map of the region.

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Overlook View at Allegany State Park

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