Cayuga Creek Trail – 3/4 mile easy hike
October 1999

Since having Max, I’m now on the search for places to walk or hike that are either accessible by stroller or are easy enough to carry him in a baby carrier. On a crisp autumn day, we decided to check out Como Lake Park. Most of the park is made up of sports fields and picnic areas. Cayuga Creek Trail is a 3/4 mile long nature walk. As there are numbered reference points along the walk, I assume there are brochures available for a self-guiding nature tour. The path doesn’t actually go along the creek, but I found many easy access points for walking along the water’s edge.  Here are some photos from our easy and surprisingly beautiful walk.For a change of pace, try to find the geocaches hidden at the Park. geocache 1Geocache 2Como Lake Park is located at  2220 Como Park Blvd in Lancaster NY.
More information on Como Lake ParkGo here to view map. Other easy walks suitable for hiking with small children: Akron FallsAlabama SwampsBeaver MeadowStiglmeier ParkWalton Woods.Photos by Jennifer Weir, 10/99
Max Weir - Born to Hike!
Cayuga Creek
Cayuga Creek
Steps leading down from end of Cayuga Creek nature Trail

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