It’s entirely possible to spend your whole vacation on a winding mountain road behind a large motor home.

Carlton Hill Multiple Use Area/Sulphur Sping Hill, Wyoming County, April 1997

Our hike on April 18 1997 was in the Carlton Hill Multiple Use Area and Sulphur Spring Hill Cooperative Hunting Area. This 4700+acre area is found on the Portage escarpment in Wyoming County, bordering Genesee County.

Although we didn’t see any other hikers on this day, we shared the area with horseback riders and target shooters. Beware of hiking during hunting season!

The many hills in the area offer great views. We spotted several hawks gliding through the sky, and thought we saw an eagle at one point. (Unfortunately, we were unable to capture them on film.)

Most of the “trails” in the area are gravel roads or truck trails
like that seen in the photo above. The road in the photo to the right is Bank Road, which runs north and south through the entire multiple use area.

Bank Road crosses over a steep gully through which flows a small stream. We were dismayed to find the gully being used as an unofficial garbage dump. The white object in the middle of the photo to the left is somebody’s abandoned refrigerator. Other sections of the gully contained a mountain of tires and an entire automobile.

There is a small parking lot at the intersection of Bank Road and Casselberry Road. A few hundred yards farther on Casselberry Road leads you to the ruins of an old building and an empty field. We were surprised to find a small patch of daffodils growing in the field. We wondered if someone had planted them there to commemorate the burial spot of a beloved pet.

At the end of Casselberry Road are two small man-made ponds.

Much to our chagrin, Sadie found a large patch of burdock in which to play! She had a ball, but we didn’t have too much fun pulling the spiny burs off her coat.

Much of the hike was walking over unused fields. As on every hike, Sadie pretended she found a small animal and went through the motions of hunting it.

We left the trail a few times to explore several of the wooded areas. The woods, which are scattered throughout the area, are diverse. Some are pine forests, some are mature forests. Others appear young, as if the trees were planted only a few years ago.

Directions: From the west, take I90 to Batavia (exit 48) and head south. Turn southeast onto NY 63, go 4 miles to Bethany Center Road: turn south. Turn right (west) onto West Middlebury Road. Go .8 miles and turn south onto Bank Rd. Look for a small parking area .8 miles down. This parking area is on top of Page Hill.

Our guidebook for today’s hike was 50 Hikes in Western New York, by William P. Ehling.  Check out my review of this book.

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Jen Weir and Sadie in woods at Carlton Hill


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