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Eastside Overland Trail

In June 1998, we hiked 6 1/2 miles in Canadaway Creek State Wildlife Management Area in Chautaqua County. Part of the 19-mile Eastside Overland Trail runs through this area.
We crossed several small creeks, but we weren’t sure which one was actually Canadaway Creek. The first one, to the right, was a few hundred feet from the trailhead off Route 72. The creek below was several miles into the hike, after we crossed Center Road (route 79). At this point, we weren’t following a trail but rather a truck route used by loggers.
Many steep hills gave our legs a good work-out. We crossed a short but very steep hill within the first mile of our hike. It looked as though no-one had been through the area for quite awhile.

We followed the ravine to the right after crossing Center Road. It was a dramatic change of scenery. We passed several other people on this section of the hike.
The people we passed seemed very surprised to see us, and less than friendly. They didn’t look like typical hikers, and we wondered if they lived in the lean-tos we found a few miles in. These lean-tos were near a small man-made pond — a great place for a lunch break!
On the way back to our car, we crossed several fields of wildflowers. We heard sounds from the local wildlife, but didn’t spot anything other than a frog.
For half of the trip, we let Sadie wear her new backpack. She was very proud of it!
Directions: On Center Rd. in the town of Arkwright. From I-90, take NY Route 60 south to NY Route 83 East. Center Rd. is 2.5 miles down.
See more Photos of Canadaway Creek by Jennifer and Karl Weir, 6/98
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Canadaway Creek
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