“The other day when I was walking through the woods, I saw a rabbit standing in front of a candle making shadows of people on a tree.” — Steven Wright

May 1 1999
Old Homestead Trail

May 1, 1999. It’s one day past my due date and I’m as big as a house. To try to stimulate labor, we decided to take a walk. Because we didn’t want to be too far away from the car in the event labor did start, we headed to the short numerous trails of Beaver Meadow Nature Center.  Unfortunately, as dogs are not allowed in the park, Sadie stayed home.

From the Visitor Center, we started on the Old Homestead Trail, where we noticed this old tree gnawed by woodpeckers.

The Old Homestead Trail took us across Welch Road and to Warbler Corners Trail. This trail is aptly named, as it was difficult to hear ourselves over the birdsong. Giving in to the music, we sat and listened for a bit. Being still for a while, we soon noticed signs of life all around us, including numerous red squirrels and chipmunks.

Next we headed to the Cucumber Hill Trail, where we saw a Kettle Pond.

Cucumber Hill Trail led to Shadow Hill Trail, from where we spotted the Boardwalk.The Jenny Glen Boardwalk is designed to help persons with disabilities enjoy the park. It is well constructed and wide enough for wheelchairs.

Unfortunately, the boardwalk is not completely accessible through its entire loop. Sections of it appeared to be sinking where it crossed a swamp. Signs warned visitors to “proceed at their own risk”.

Our next destination was Beaver Pond Trail, which follows the west end of Beaver Pond. You can see signs of the beaver’s work, including gnawed tree stumps, dams, and the lodge. 

Directions: take route 400 to East Aurora Exit. Turn left at exit and go 10 miles on Route 20A to blinker light at Route 77. Turn right on Route 77 and go south for 7 1/2 miles. Turn left on Welch road and go 1/4 mile to the flagpole parking lot.

Thanks to my husband Karl for generating a map of the region.

Beaver Meadow Audubon Center 
1610 Welch Road 
North Java, New York 14113 
(585) 457-3228
Click here to view map.

Trail Map

Kettle Pond
Beaver Dam
Beaver Pond

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